Made by You


A Deeper Connection through DIY

  • Creative Research
  • Art Direction
  • Treatment Design

Rune Milton is devoted to finding a poetic balance between detail and character, so the brief for Hornbach felt like a natural fit – a celebration of imperfection, something warm, sensitive, relatable.

Fittingly, Rune appreciates the beauty in the things others might find crude or ugly. This led us into sourcing oddly personal creations, finding the humour and sculptural beauty in objects and surfaces that had ‘gone wrong’. Something human. Throughout the process Rune highlighted the importance of texture – in sweat, dust, paint, splinters of wood – and the attitude that each character had. Pride. They didn’t care that the cupboard they made was wonky and that’s beautiful. Hornbach’s approach is so unique because it’s about releasing your own ideas, getting your hands dirty and not having to apologise for it.


  • Agency Heimat Berlin
  • Production Company Tony Petersen Film
  • Director Rune Milton
  • Executive Producer Michael Duttenhöfer
  • Director of Photography Jakob Møller
  • Audio House LOFT Studios GmbH
  • Sound Design David Arnold
  • Music Production 48k GmbH
  • Composer Thomas Berlin
  • Creative Researcher, Art Director & Treatment Designer In Development