Gregory Porter

Towering Records

  • Visual and Concept Research
  • Treatment Design

Gregory Porter, a giant of modern soul deserved nothing less than this beauty by filmmaker Douglas Bernardt.

The chemistry of period detail, colour and texture with surreal practical and digital effects gives the concept a unique character, mystique and power – a dreamlike film traces a young man being kept down by the world around him, only to be raised up, inspired, and “revived” by an electric Gregory Porter performance. We are really proud to have been involved in the development and treatment of Douglas’s concept early on. Seeing the finished music video was – chef’s kiss – superb.


  • Label Universal
  • Agency H5
  • Production Company Stink
  • Director Douglas Bernardt
  • Executive Producer Ryland Burns
  • Line Producer Jeff Kopchia
  • Cinematographer Christopher Ripley
  • Choreographer Amy Gardner
  • Production Designer Tyler Evans
  • Art Director Angus Bernsen
  • Editor Danilo Abraham
  • VFX Company NASH
  • Colourist Osmar Junior
  • Treatment Research & Design In Development