I Will Always Be Me

Dell & Intel

Winner of Cannes Lions Pharma Grand Prix

  • Writing Director’s Creative Interpretation
  • Visual Research

Being allowed into the lives of those facing very difficult situations is never easy. But it is vital work that directors Simon + Ben seem to never shy away from. It’s part of what makes them natural documentarians and captivating filmmakers.

It was our privilege to help convey how they, as cinematographers as well as directors, would develop a close and personal approach to crafting a film to raise awareness of motor neurone disease along with Dell Technologies & Intel’s initiative. And they smashed it. Theirs is a film that resonates, something that reaches beyond awareness into something beautiful and meaningful. It carries all the fear, doubt and sorrow a disease like this leaves in its wake, but also dignity, love, hope and happiness. There is real comfort in the strength of the human spirit and the humanity behind technology used like this. Simon + Ben’s work deserves the Grand Prix it won at Cannes Lions and more.


  • Agency VMLY&R
  • Production Company Borderlands
  • Directors Simon + Ben
  • Directors of Photography Simon + Ben
  • Executive Producer Zoe Barlow
  • Producer Frances Ellis
  • Production Assistant Lili Bo Therin
  • Audio & Music Human
  • Post House The Mill
  • Colorist James Tillett
  • Treatment Writing & Research In Development