Greater Every Run


Greater Focus through Fitness

  • Visual Research

Sarah Chatfield’s film for Adidas still looks as fresh and stylish as the day it was released. Researching the setting, casting and action imagery to support Sarah’s vision of bold simplicity was a dream, building a bold stripped back aesthetic that heroes the poise and power of a fitness icon while making the most of a striking architectural environment.

Paul Lauffer’s lens gives the film the sense of scale, dynamism and power that Sarah was after. And each shot beautifully captures the runners in a graphic style that makes every frame bring the wider print campaign to life. Each bit of the craft here is inspiring stuff.


  • Agency Iris
  • Production Company Friend
  • Director Sarah Chatfield
  • Executive Producer Luke Jacobs
  • Producer Rachel Rumbold
  • Cinematographer Paul Lauffer
  • Editor Amanda James
  • Post Production Big Buoy
  • Colourist James Bamford
  • Composer Dan Weinberg
  • Casting Kharmel Cochrane
  • Treatment Research In Development