4x4 Sprinter Storm


Excellence Always Pays Off

  • Visual Research
  • Treatment Design

Whenever Stian Smestad calls we know we are in for a fun ride and this pitch for the Mercedes-Benz Sprinter was no exception. They are such an exacting brand, but Stian has an infectious energy that bleeds into everything he makes.

He has a wonderful way of turning the seemingly mundane into wildly dramatic scenarios, full of exciting momentum and scale, without losing its grounding or soul. It clearly took a lot of work but we loved finally seeing how Stian, the production and post team brought the agency’s idea to life in what looks like a whirlwind.


  • Agency Preuss und Preuss
  • Production Company Emenes
  • Director Stian Smestad
  • Executive Producer Marko Zawadzki
  • Producer Anna Retter
  • Treatment Research & Design In Development