Cheers with No Alcohol


Cheers to great ideas!

  • Treatment Writing
  • Visual Research

Rodrigo’s Heineken is the perfect example of how a great director can take an idea and squeeze the most storytelling potential out of it. This concept deals with the perceived awkwardness and social mores of the “cheers” moment in many cultures. Rodrigo took that idea and extrapolated it out into a time travelling epic where we meet non-alcoholic beverage drinkers of the ages. This twist added a measure of pure cinematic adventure to this peek into everyday conventions that, thanks to Heineken 0.0, are all set to be forgotten.

It’s always a pleasure to work with Rodrigo and tune into his super focussed approach, and in this case to see first hand how an idea can be sold in and developed far beyond that original seed.


  • Director Rodrigo Saavedra
  • Production Company Hobby Film
    Twentyfour Seven
  • DoP Pierre De Kerchove
  • Executive Producer John Gerard
  • Producer Mariana Mota
  • Art Director Paulo Routier
  • Props Master Vera Midões
  • Agency Publicis Italy
  • Costume Designer Isabel Quadros
  • Postproduction Company Mpc London
  • Executive Producer Dafydd Upsdell
  • Editorial Work Editorial London
  • Offline Editor Rich Orrick
  • Off Line Editor Enrico Munarini
  • Color Grading Matthiew Toullet
  • Associate Creative Director Gerard Joosten
  • Executive Creative Director Rico De Lange
  • Creative Director Tanya Ponomareva
  • Account Director Charlotte Grotenhuis
  • Project Manager Willemijn De Groot
  • Project Manager Lea Degove
  • Digital Producer Vic Krens
  • Designer Jana Van Der Merwe
  • Editor Gerard Milling
  • Editor Rocco Tozzi
  • Post Producer Christel Heijmans
  • Supervisor Post Producer Paulo Pennings
  • Sound Studio Grand Central London
  • Head Sound Engineer Raj Sehgal
  • Music Production Company Sizzer Music Amsterdam
  • Music Producer Michael Bertoldini