Nothing Beats Being There

National Rail

A Network for Living

  • Visual Researcher
  • Treatment Designer

National Rail gives a rallying cry of ‘Nothing Beats Being There’ to travellers this spring.

Directed by Simon Ratigan, the film brings out the joy and freedom experienced through rail getaways and demonstrates how travelling by train connects us to the people, places and experiences that we love. Using a mix of cinematic footage and genuine unscripted moments of the travelling public the film has a real sense of genuine joy. A pleasure to work once more with a long-time collaborator.


  • Director Simon Ratigan
  • Producer Tim Nunn
  • Executive Producer Mike Wells
  • Production Company HLA
  • DOP Mark Hunter
  • Agency Accomplice
  • CCO Mark Hunter
  • CD/CW Mathieu Cuvelier
  • CD/AD Pierre Antione Gilles
  • Agency Producer Stephen Worley
  • Editor Bruce Townend
  • Post House The Post Arm
  • Sound Engineer Jonny Platt
  • Audio Producer Ellie Brandwood and Beth Tomblin
  • Treatment Research & Design In Development