Rebuild The World


Playing with The Unexpected Nature of Imagination

  • Director’s Interpretation Writer
  • Creative Researcher
  • Treatment Designer

One of the unique things about Lego that sets kid’s imaginations ablaze is the lack of rules. This is the notion that guided this epic project helmed by the amazing Traktor.

All bets are off visually in a world that constantly shifts and rebuilds itself to suit the whims of the storyteller, creating a mash-up of genre and style that twists and turns like a child’s Lego play brought to life. As always, Traktor achieve this with their trademark blend of premium visual effects and keen eye for visual humour. The balance is perfect for Lego and proved inspiring for kids and adults alike, receiving plaudits from all sides on release. As you can imagine it was a huge project to research and design, pulling in a multitude of styles and references and throwing them into the melting pot of creativity to create something fresh and new. Jobs like this don’t come along very often.


  • Agency BETC Paris
  • Director Traktor
  • Production Company Stink Paris
  • Executive Producer Grégory Panteix
  • Producer Frederic Genest
  • Cinematographer Hoyte Van Hoytema
  • Set Designer Nick Foley-Oates
  • Wardrobe Artist Liz Botes
  • Service Company Labhouse
  • Edit House Final Cut
  • Editor Rick Russell
  • Post Production Mikros MPC
  • Colorist Jean-Clément Soret
  • Sound Production Gum / Pop Records
  • Treatment Writing, Research & Design In Development