A Farmer is More Than a Farmer

Undeniably Dairy

Finding extraordinary in the ordinary

  • Treatment Writer
  • Visual Researcher
  • Pitch Deck Designer

Despite his bitter disappointment in the lack of cows to direct, Oskar Bård brought his engaging style to this campaign for the US dairy industry. The quirky spots reveal the surprising depths of technical innovation, eco-conscious methods and sustainability, that keep dairy farmers at the cutting edge of food production.

It’s always a pleasure to help such a versatile director as Oskar, we’re always eager to know what the next project will bring.


  • Director Oskar Bård
  • Production Company Hobby Film
  • Production Designer Elmi Badenhorst
  • Executive Producer John Gerard
  • Line Producer Jared Parsons
  • Editor Tristan Seniuk
  • DoP Nick Bupp
  • Camera Operator Connor O'Brien
  • Client Dairy Management Inc.
  • SVP, Communications Serena Schaffner
  • VP, Marketing & Communications Lamont Frazier
  • Director, Marketing & Communications Nolan Denker
  • Agency Mischief
    No Fixed Address
  • Creative Directors Rafael Beretta
    Raphael Franzini
  • Agency Producer Danielle Balanov
  • Account Director Taylor Jerome
  • Treatment Writing, Research & Design In Development