Welcome to Lilaberg


Tenderness is Inside

  • Writing Director’s Creative Interpretation
  • Visual Research
  • Treatment Design

Few directors can tap into a tangible sense of childlike wonder like Vesa Manninen. Nothing demonstrates that better than his campaign for Milka, in which he brought to life the magical world of Lilaberg and its broad cast of whimsical characters in all their alpine-storybook glory.

Vesa’s signature style draws inspiration from classic cinema, which lends everything he does a timeless appeal. It feels as cosy, familiar and welcoming as your favourite pair of slippers. His ability to pay homage to cinema’s greats, while creating something that feels playful and current, is something that many reach for and miss. We always look forward to seeing where Vesa wants to take a project and love the process of crafting the look and feel for his characters and production design. Lilaberg called for a perfect blend of bold, colourful art direction and beautifully observed detail, combined with some larger than life characters that give the world a big heart and lots of soul. It’s all evident in the finished films, which paint a picturesque vision of the goings-on in this idyllic hamlet; each beat having a little hint of Vesa’s playful personality and his own unique brand of magical realism.


  • Agency W+K Amsterdam
  • Production Company Hobby Film
  • Director Vesa Manninen
  • Executive Producer Tom Rickard
  • Producers Anna Bergström
    Frederic Rinnan
  • Director of Photography Franz Lustig
  • Edit House Work Editorial
  • Editors Mark Edinoff
    Rachael Spann
  • Audio Post Production Wave London
  • Sound Designer Aaron Reynolds
  • Music Production Woodwork Music
  • Composer Phil Kay
  • Post Production MPC London
  • Post Producer Sophie Hogg
  • Colourist Jean-Clement Soret
  • Lead 2D Artists Bill McNamara
    Toya Dreschler
  • Lead 3D Artist Tim Van Hussen
  • Treatment Writing, Research & Design In Development