Experience the Fantasy

  • Treatment Writing
  • Visual Research
  • Art Direction
  • Pitch Deck Design

As we left the theatre after having our minds blown by Nicolas Winding Refn’s Drive, we had no clue that just a few months later we would be part of his first foray into the world of advertising.

Not surprisingly it was an achingly stylish and sensual debut; A gold drenched fever dream of a TVC starring Blake Lively that plunges the audience into the glamour and seduction of Los Angeles. It’s a theme NWR has returned to again and again in his work and something we really enjoyed exploring. Projects don’t really get much cooler than this and we consider ourselves privileged to get to work with one of the true provocateurs in modern cinema. A rare breed for sure.


  • Agency P&G
  • Director Nicolas Winding Refn
  • Featuring Blake Lively
  • Production Company Stink Paris
  • Executive Producer Grégory Panteix
  • Writing, Art Direction & Treatment Design In Development