Nature Finds a Way

Nature’s Way

Inspired by Nature

  • Footage Researcher
  • Footage Licensing
  • Image Licensing
  • Art Department Researcher

Filip Engstrom has been – for the longest time – a director who we turn to and reference for grand, colourful and playful concept pieces, so it was thrilling to have a chance to contribute to something of his for once.

We were initially brought onto the campaign for Nature’s Way by Smuggler to help explore and source options for backplates, which lead to footage licensing and collecting additional art department and texture references for the VFX team.

It was wonderful seeing this campaign develop from storyboards to animatic, pre-visualisation to the final polished product. Below you’ll find the rest of the campaign, along with a quick breakdown video demonstrating some of our involvement in the creative development process.


  • Director Filip Engström
  • Production Company Smuggler
  • Executive Producer Patrick Milling-Smith
    Brian Carmody
    Jaclyn Larson
  • Managing Director Sue Yeon Ahn
  • Producer Francesca Lentini
  • Head of Production Alex Hughes
  • Project Manager Leanne Sanders
  • Coordinator Anthony Abduraghmaan
  • 1st AD Greg Martin
  • Director of Photography Jallo Faber
  • Production Designer Jason Dawes
  • Art Director Sarah Jane Mould
  • Casting Andy Davis
  • Wardrobe Alex Price
  • Post Production / VFX Smuggler
    Studio Bearnaise
  • VFX Supervisor / Artist Björn Benckert
  • Agency Opinionated
  • Executive Creative Director Mark Fitzloff
  • Executive Creative Director Rob Palmer
  • President Trish Adams
  • Art Director Nate Corrado
  • Copywriter Lauren Olson
  • Head of Production Patty Brebner
  • Agency Producer Sandra Hagblom
  • Strategic Planner Dave Daines
    Carly Harrison
  • Account Manager Carly Harrison
  • Account Manager Whitney Calvin
  • Business Affairs Manager Birdie
  • Music & Sound Tint
    Sound Lounge
  • Artist Joakim Kristensen
  • Composer Ondrej Brzobohaty
  • Sound Engineer Justin Kooy