Go Greek

Gordon, Gino & Fred

Gordon Ramsey's trio go overboard

  • Stock Footage Researcher
  • Stock Footage Licensing

ITV’s travelling trio of chefs, Gordon, Gino and Fred return for their third series of this popular road trip show. The lively energy and bickering of the three chefs is matched in this spot for the show directed by Michael Baldwin.

We were initially brought onto the campaign for the show by ITV Creative to help explore and source stock footage options for the opening and establishing shots for the spot and backplates for the speedboat scenes. In addition we helped with footage licensing with the various footage libraries once shots had been selected. The end result being a fun and vibrant promo matching the spirit of the protagonists and show.


  • Director Michael Baldwin
  • Production Company ITV
  • Creative Director Rachel King
  • Producer Hanna Ghermay
  • Footage Research & Licensing In Development