This is Our Game


Street Level Fanatics

  • Visual Research

Paul Geusebroek has a way of capturing a feeling from the inside-out, and his approach to this BWIN campaign was no exception. Its carefully crafted style gives the film a strong momentum which sweeps the viewer into the world of the Bundesliga at street level. Its pure fan atmosphere and energy puts you right in the thick of it, with rapid fire detail, characters and beats that can’t help get your heart going.

Paul’s brief was to seek out the kind of mixed media that supported his vision for the raw, authentic and passionate side of real football and we loved it. The final film is beauty and passion in a frenzy – a die-hard’s fever of fraternity, euphoria and soul.


  • Agency Kolle Rebbe
  • Production Company Iconoclast GmbH
  • Director Paul Geusebroek
  • Producer Julian Holland
  • Director of Photography Menno Mans
    Tibor Dingelstad
  • Editors David Gesslbauer
    Chris Zimmermann
    Jacob Ipsen
  • Treatment Research In Development