Stronger Together

The Olympics

Nations Bound by Spirit

  • Footage Research & Licensing
  • Visual Research
  • Treatment Design

Every rise, every fall, every victory, we’re in it together; a concept perfectly portrayed in this film.

Salomon Ligthelm twists his brand of stylised cool with choreography with archive Olympics footage, showcasing a range of nationalities and characters that all become unified and move as one with their sporting ambassadors. It does a fantastic job of capturing the emotion, immersion and spiritual connection that the Olympics  – like no other sporting event – gives us. We were honoured to help develop Salomon’s treatment for this. Always a fiercely ambitious and creative force.


  • Agency Uncommon Creative Studio
  • Production Company Prettybird
  • Director Salomon Ligthelm
  • Executive Producer Juliette Larthe
  • Producer Ted Thornton
  • Treatment Research & Design In Development
  • Footage & Licensing In Development