Built to be Eaten


Imagination with No Limits

  • Writing Director’s Creative Interpretation
  • Visual Research
  • Treatment Design

As anyone with kids knows, playtime rarely stops at mealtimes. These films for the iconic Lunchables, take a tongue-in-cheek dive into the vivid food fantasies of kids and inflate them to epic Hollywood proportions.

Oskar Bård has an unquestionable talent for channeling that irrepressible urge to play, we all remember having as children. This sense of unbridled fun and adventure, and the childlike innocence that accompanies it, is a signature of Oskar’s work. Alongside his great sense of humour and keen eye for vibrant production design, it’s what makes everything he does so attractive. It was great to work under his direction on this, with the treatment writing, visual research and design giving a firm nod to all the tropes that these films would pay homage to. His final films mold them into child-friendly oddyseys that adults will also secretly enjoy.


  • Director Oskar Bård
  • Production Hobby Films
  • Director of Photography Franz Lustig
  • Production Designer Pablo Poza
  • Executive Producer Phie Hansen
  • Producer Phie Hansen
  • Agency Goodby Silverstein & Partners
  • Art Direction Ryan Harper
  • Copywriter Stephen Pacheco
  • Creative Directors Daniel Righi, Kurt Mills
  • Editorial Arcade Editorial
  • Editing Company City Santa Monica, CA
  • Editor Laura Sanford & Sean Lagrange
  • Assistant Editor Harrison Draper
  • Producer Tom Barnett
  • Executive Producer Crissy DeSimone
  • Audio and Sound Design eLevel
  • Sound Designer David Michel Ruddy
  • Audio Engineer Josh Brown
  • Executive Producer Josh Brown
  • Producer Josh Brown
  • Post Arcade, UPP
  • Head of Production Miroslav Gál
  • VFX Producer Václav Machuta
  • VFX Flame Artist Miroslav Gál
  • Color Producer Václav Machuta
  • Color Grade Ondrej Stibinger