Think Like a Minecrafter

Lego Minecraft

Build like a Minecrafter

  • Treatment Writer
  • Creative Researcher
  • Treatment Designer

This campaign from the Lego Agency and Hobby Film sees enterprising kids using the power of their imagination fused with the video game-logic of the Minecraft world to make the chores of everyday life fun. Oskar Bård brings his trademark energy to this heightened Lego Minecraft world, as giant and colourful blocks bursts into being, baby brothers turn into zombies, and room cleaning becomes easier with enderman-like teleportation!

Deep-diving into colourful and creative visuals and helping bring Lego Minecraft to life was a great project to sink our teeth into, and the finished ads speak for themselves.


  • Agency The Lego Agency
  • Production Company Hobby Film
  • Executive Producer Anna Bergström
  • Director Oskar Bård
  • Director of Photography Mart Ratassepp
  • Treatment Writing, Research & Design In Development