We Are All Builders


If You Build it They Will Come

  • Writing Director’s Creative Interpretation
  • Visual Research
  • Treatment Design

Hobby Film has strong ties with LEGO, so who better to help celebrate LEGO’s big 90th birthday than the young-at-heart Oskar Bård. It was a perfect fit from the start as Oskar set out with his trademark boundless enthusiasm to capture the joy and creativity LEGO has unlocked since it first found its way into the hands of kids and adults alike.

The concept explores the playfulness and creativity found in the everyday world and we set out to find inspiration for the moments of creative expression that surround us. By their nature, LEGO projects are always a lot of fun, giving us all a chance to play through creativity and we enjoyed helping Oskar share his vision for how this film could be realised.


  • Director Oskar Bård
  • Production Company Hobby Film
  • Cinematographer Mart Ratassepp
    Thodoris Zacharakis
  • Casting Laika Casting
  • Executive Producer Anna Bergström
  • Service Company Chubby Unicorn
    Line Production Turkey
  • Executive Producer Dace Siatkovska
  • Line Producer Renate Barone
  • Production Manager Helena Zakare
  • Production Designer Juris Zukovskis
  • Costume Designer Anna Grenås
    Liene Bite
  • Post Production Hobby film
  • Colourist Lasse Marcussen
  • Editor Gatis Belgrudovs
  • Music Composer Joel Hilme
  • Sound Design Edward Björner
  • Agency The Lego Agency