Naturally For Everyone


A City Alive with the Sound of Music

  • Writing Director’s Creative Interpretation
  • Visual Research
  • Treatment Design

There’s something happening, can you feel it? That’s what happens when Martin Aamund is at the helm. There are few in the business, in our humble opinion, who can craft the collective buzz, momentum and excitement of an ‘event film’ like Martin can. And this one was a real occasion, with German supermarket brand Penny going all out, featuring ‘99 Red Balloons’ singer Nena as their natural produce pied piper.

Martin’s films revolve around genuine emotion and memorable characters, no matter how fantastical the concept. So, with the green transformation of a city at its heart, Martin and the creatives made sure they found ample opportunities to weave charming sub-stories throughout the wider movement. It is a privilege to be able to help inspire super creative projects like this and a thrill to see ideas spawned by brainstorming and research getting carried through into the final film.


  • Agency Serviceplan Group
  • Production Company Tony Petersen Film
  • Director Martin Aamund
  • Executive Producer Volker Steinmetz
  • Line Producer Matthias Kraft
  • Director of Photography Julian Hohndorf
  • Production Designer Tommy Stark
  • Colourist Philipp Orgassa
  • Treatment Writing Research & Design In Development