The Astronaut


A State of Serenity

  • Visual Research
  • Treatment Design

This sensorial depiction of what it’s like to drive the new Citroën C5 X is a fine example of Rune Milton’s craft as a filmmaker.

His approach – a cinematic style that focuses on tenderness, beauty, humanity and wonder – feels uniquely poetic and meditative and proved a great fit for this campaign. The connection Rune makes us feel between this isolated spacewalker and a family on the road is his signature magic at work. The small and vulnerable, made safe by human ingenuity contrasted the grand harsh majesty of space and alien terrain.


  • Agency BETC Traction
  • Production Company Phantasm
  • Director Rune Milton
  • Executive Producer Noé Baruchel Dominati
  • Line Producer Christophe Nader
  • Cinematographer Paul Meyers
  • Post House Chemistry VFX
  • Editor Peter Brandt
  • Music Jonas Larsen
  • Sound Design Kevin Koch
  • Production Designer Renaud Deschamps
  • Treatment Research & Design In Development