A Savills Love Story


The Perfect Pitch between Parody and Tribute

  • Writing Director’s Creative Interpretation
  • Visual Research
  • Treatment Design

He’s just house standing in front of a girl asking her to love him… Oskar Bård brings his trademark flair for visual comedy to this film for Savills. It’s a playful take on the archetypal British rom-com, with a modern twist, that accurately pokes fun at our nation’s never ending love affair with property.

Oskar is a collaborative director who welcomes and encourages creativity at every stage of a project – a quality that is very rewarding and a lot of fun. We are lucky to get to work with him and his Hobby team on a regular basis and always look forward to getting inside Oskar’s mind to help bring his unique worldview to the screen.


  • Agency Isobel
  • Production Company Hobby Film
  • Director Oskar Bård
  • Executive Producer Anna Bergström
  • Producer Frida Alexandersson
  • Director of Photography Krysztof Trojinar
  • Art Director Sean Hogan
  • Service Company Kraken Films
  • VFX Company Helmet Norway
  • Editor Gatis Belogrudovs
  • Colourist Lasse Marcussen
  • Audio House Jungle Studios
  • Audio Dominic Dew
  • Treatment Writing, Research & Design In Development